Stop Playing It Safe As a Coach

As a coach are you just comfortable fitting into the boring mold of what everyone says you should be doing? If you are then stop that immediately. You have a uniqueness about yourself that was designed to set you apart from everyone else. You have something that has been divinely given to you that can differentiate you from the crowd. But you must embrace it.

Why just settle for fitting in when that hinders your creativity, money flow, and joy? Life is too short to try to fit into “the norm.” If you are a coach then you have the freedom to be who you were purposed to be. There is nothing or no one worth losing your true identity for. So what if you look odd to others. Who cares if nobody else is doing what you desire to do? And why does it even matter what others think about you?

Being a coach is about you being authentic. When you are authentic it can help you to attract more clients and more money. Sometimes we feel like doing what everyone else is doing will work for us, and then we are surprised when it doesn’t. It doesn’t work because you have your own unique purpose and divine opportunities, and anything you do to block that doesn’t produce favorable results.

This is your moment to be bold enough to take big risks when others are fearful. Refuse to let fear hold you back from being the amazingly successful coach you were born to be. Dig deep and find the faith to live the life you deserve to live. You don’t want to look back next year and realize you missed out on so many things because you were afraid to go into the deep waters.

Life is not all about playing it safe. Safe doesn’t serve us well. Playing it safe as a coach probably means that you are comfortable with being comfortable. But often being comfortable doesn’t stretch your potential or your income. So you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. That means trying new things and thinking bigger and expecting bigger. And regardless of what you have been blessed to accomplish, there is still more in store for you. So re-evaluate yourself and your coaching business and go for it!