Web Writing: 3 Easy Ways to Get Clients by Becoming Known

Every Web writer needs writing jobs. However, for many writers, getting those jobs is more frustrating than it needs to be. You can save yourself the trouble of constantly hunting for new clients when you become known.

When I start working with a writing coaching student, I often ask: “How many people know that you write for money?”

It always shocks the writer when he realizes that he’s keeping his profession a secret. This isn’t good strategy. The more people who know you write, the more can hire you. Common sense, right?

Therefore, the first thing you need to do to get more clients, is to let your circle of acquaintances know that you’re open to any and all Web writing jobs that they can find for you.

Once you’ve done that, you can widen the circle. The first way to do that is to start introducing yourself to those people who can hire you.

1. Introduce Yourself: Say Hello to Prospects

Remember, the more people who know you write for the Web, the better. Start introducing yourself around.

Use email. If you’re braver, pick up the phone. Either works.

Here’s a little message you can send out to agencies, as well as individual prospects:

“Hi ___ (whoever)”

“My name is ________. I’ve recently set up shop as a Web writer… ” Etc.

Your message doesn’t need to be long. In fact, the shorter the better. Close your message with: “I’ll call you within the next week or so, to discuss your needs for Web content.”

2. Become Visible: Clients Need to Know and Trust You

Once you’ve started introducing yourself, focus on building your visibility. Hunting for Web writing jobs is a pain. You want clients to contact you.

Create a blog, and use social media marketing, as well as content marketing, to build your visibility. You’ll be doing this for your clients, so you need to do it for yourself, as well.

If you’re having a “yes, but… ” moment, and think that you can weasel out of this, think again. In Web writing, being visible is essential. Whenever someone types your name into the Google search query box, there should be many references to your name.

3. Use Blogs and Social Media to Best Effect

In addition to using blogs and social media to build your name and get known, there’s another reason for using them, and it’s this: to educate both your clients, and your prospects.

Few of your clients know much about how the Web works, and how it can help their business. You need to educate them. Rather than educating them one-on-one, which takes time, educate en masse.

Education is a form of content marketing, and it works.

So there you have it; three easy ways to get Web writing clients by becoming known. Not only are these methods easy, they’re fun, too.